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January 2022

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Dear friends of CRX Markets,

It is with great thankfulness that we look back on a successful 2021. The CRX Marketplace for working capital finance continues to grow. Thanks to continuously increasing demand from corporates and financing partners, we were able to finance EUR 10 billion through the marketplace last year, doubling our previous year’s volume as planned.

Bringing corporates and financing partners together on an independent marketplace for working capital finance is and remains the mission of CRX Markets. More and more corporates are using the CRX Marketplace and optimizing their cash flow on both sides of the balance sheet via factoring, reverse factoring and dynamic discounting. Our group of financing partners and thus the liquidity on the marketplace is continuously increasing. We currently have almost 50 financing partners such as banks, institutional investors and factoring companies from Europe, Asia, Australia and North America.

CRX Markets is based in Germany but is active in over 60 countries. Our global expansion is driven by the growth of existing programs and newly acquired customers. Our clients appreciate the transparency and independence of the marketplace, access to products for both the asset as well as the liability side of the balance sheet, diversified liquidity beyond their own funding partners, BaFin regulation, data security and continuous innovations such as ESG integration or the sale of single debtor receivables.

On behalf of CRX Markets, I would like to sincerely thank all our clients, corporates, financing and cooperation partners. I cordially invite all interested parties to get to know us better and to look at future-oriented working capital optimization.

I hope you enjoy reading our newsletter.

With warm regards,
Frank H. Lutz

CEO, CRX Markets AG

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