Company Overview
CRX Markets is an independent marketplace for Asset-Based Financing solutions and connects Buyers, Suppliers, Banks and Institutional Investors.

The marketplace provides access to flexible working capital financing through multiple solutions and ensures a transparent pricing determination at significantly reduced rates. A full process automation for all participating corporates is achieved through state-of-the-art technology, highest data and process security measures and a deep and seamless integration into the clients core operational systems.

One Technical Infrastructure – Multiple Financing Solutions
Experience a secure and fully automated multi-product application for any Asset-Based Financial solutions. All offered solutions can be implemented individually or in combination with each other through the same technical infrastructure.

Payables Finance

Payables Finance – also referred to as “Approved Payables Finance“ – is an instrument for invoice-based financing of Buyer-approved Supplier trade receivables along the value chain.

Dynamic Discounting

Dynamic Discounting

Offers Buyers the chance to use their own excess cash in order to offer early payments of approved Supplier invoices for a fair discount.

Multi-Bank APF

Multi-Bank APF

Enables Buyer-approved Supplier the true sale of approved payables to a group of connected Banks at competitive prices.

Multi-Investor APF

Multi-Investor APF

Expands the Multi-Bank offering through a transparent yet fully anonymous auction platform where Banks and Investors compete for securitized payable bundles.

Receivables Finance

Receivables Finance – also referred to as “Factoring“ – is an instrument for invoice-based financing of Supplier trade receivables along the value chain.

Invoice Discounting

Receivables Purchase

Offers Sellers the chance to offer individual receivables of selected Debtors to a group of connected Banks and Investors at competitive prices.

Receivables Securitization

Receivables Securitization

Allows Sellers to sell whole or partial securitized receivable portfolios to a diversified group of connected Banks and Investors.

The CRX pricing model is fully transparent and without hidden fees allowing you to plan your invoice financing in a reliable environment

Financing Calculator

% Expected Annual Financing Rate *
Outstanding Invoice Amount
Days to maturity
% Reference Rate
* Excluding Reference Rate

Discounted Amount
{{ ammount - ((ammount) * (rr + er) * daysm / 360 ) / 100 | number:2}}
Discounted Fee
{{ ((ammount) * (rr + er) * daysm / 360 ) / 100 | number:2}}
Payout Ratio *
{{ ((ammount - ((ammount) * (rr + er) * daysm / 360 ) / 100 ) / ammount ) * 100 | number:2}}%
Additional costs
* Proportion of your outstanding invoice amount paid out to you less all costs.

Calculation Method

{ Discount Fee = Outstanding Invoice Amount * (Reference Rate + Expected Annual Financing Rate) *
Days to Maturity / 360

Please note that the "Calculation Tool" and any other information on this page are for information purposes only. CRX does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any calculation resulting from the calculation tool or information provided. Under no circumstances will CRX be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from anyone's reliance on the results of this calculation tool or any other content provided on this page.

The platform provides for a unified approach towards our suppliers and is ideally suited for strengthening our partnerships with our suppliers. Furthermore, it allows us to keep working with our relationship banks while enhancing liquidity and transparency.

Lee Edwards
Group Treasurer

Three factors have proved decisive in our decision in favour of the SCF platform offered by CRX Markets. First, the opportunity for seamless and speedy software integration; second, the high level of automatization for Vattenfall as well as our suppliers; and, third, the fact that this bank independent solution is easily scalable.

Anja Stranz
Head of Cash Management

We perceive Supply Chain Finance as a crucial tool for strengthening our long-term partnership with suppliers. CRX Markets stands for a highly innovative approach very different from existing solutions offered by banks, not least because it allows for the option of bank-independent financing

Working Capital Optimization: CRX Markets & Freudenberg (in german)

Alexei Zabudkin


Frank Lutz


Moritz von der Linden

Founder & CBO

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