As part of their SAP consolidation strategy, Vattenfall AB has migrated the data from its German SAP system into a unified SAP system with the support of CRX Markets. Within one weekend, 17 Vattenfall entities, 56 suppliers and over 40.000 invoices were successfully migrated. Except for a short lock-up period during the migration itself, the SCF program was not affected and business as usual resumed the day after the migration.

Risks posed by an ERP migration project

A key focus point during the migration of the relevant supply chain finance data was the risk of double payments to suppliers. In a reverse factoring program, supplier invoices are purchased by a funder in form of a true sale. Suppliers receive the full invoice amount minus a discount immediately, while the invoice remains open in the buyers’ ERP system. Through the approval of the invoice prior to the sale, the buyer is obliged to transfer the full invoice amount to the funder on the invoice due date. Such open items, including their respective SCF status, must be considered during migration to avoid the invoices being financed a second time in the target system by automated SCF processes.

CRX Markets offer reliable migration support

To prevent double financing of invoices, CRX Markets developed a tailored migration program for Vattenfall that focused on the migration of all SCF relevant data. Lutz Limburg, Head of Product at CRX Markets: “Our migration concept not only guarantees a seamless transition from one SAP system to another.  It also preserves the full audit trail in the new consolidated target system for all invoices previously uploaded from the deprecated system.” Robert Flink, Head of Treasury Operations at Vattenfall, adds: “CRX Markets supported us perfectly in the implementation of our SAP consolidation strategy, so that all SCF data has been migrated successfully. And we were able to continue our business with our usual professionalism.”