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Please find below a selection of news articles, press releases and other media coverage on the CRX Markets asset-based financing solutions.

Learn more about our founders, our motivation, the challenges and successes of the last years and where the journey is still heading to. If you would like to contact CRX Markets in regards to media requests, please contact for further information.
Digitales Working Capital Management
November 9, 2018

CRX Head of Corporate Markets Michael Piel explains how the digitization of business processes can benefits Working Capital Management. Established financing models become scalable and new models possible..  FINANCE Magazine, special edition 14th Structured FINANCE,  page 22 – Ausgabe November/Dezember 2018. The article is only available in German. Digitales Working Capital Management

F.A.Z.: New market for Supply Chain Financing
July 2, 2018

CRX completes its product portfolio by offering a product for receivables finance. CRX now offers financing solutions for both sides of the balance sheet. Moreover, Nestlé provides insights why they chose to partner with CRX. This article is only available in German. F.A.Z. – Georg Giersberg, Wirtschaft (Wirtschaft), Seite 16 – Ausgabe D1, D1N, D2, D3, D3N, R0, R1 – 478 Wörter © Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung GmbH, Frankfurt. Zur Verfügung gestellt vom Frankfurter Allgemeine Archiv. The article is only available in German. Für Lieferkettenfinanzierung entsteht ein neuer Markt

Börsen-Zeitung: CRX exceeded one billion financing volume
June 12, 2018

Börsen-Zeitung highlights CRX Market’s recent growth of their financing volume crossing the 1 billion EUR hurdle and goes into detail with an extensive interview of their CEO Frank H. Lutz, talking about CRX’s product portfolio and future plans with regards to Working Capital Financing. The article is only available in German. Börsen-Zeitung: CRX exceeded one billion financing volume (p. 1) Börsen-Zeitung: CRX exceeded one billion financing volume (p. 3)

Finance Magazine: The Next 360T?
March 9, 2018

In this market overview of supply chain finance providers, Finance Magazine presents a side-by-side comparison of each platform active in the German market and explores CRX Markets and its holistic product offering in more detail. The article is only available in German. The Next 360T?

SCF Briefing: Exclusive interview – Why Frank Lutz became CRX Markets CEO
February 21, 2018Our new CEO Frank Lutz explains what motivated him to join CRX Markets, the untapped potential for Supply Chain Finance in the corporate agenda and CRX’s holistic approach to working capital optimization reflected in its comprehensive product suite. SCF Briefing: Exclusive interview – Why Frank Lutz became CRX Markets CEO
World Supply Chain Finance Report 2018
February 2, 2018

CRX’s Head of Product Georgij Oroschakoff describes the development of Supply Chain Finance solutions (SCF) over the past thirty years. The financial crisis and the improvements in software sophistication, integration and scalability during the last decade cleared the path for the “new wave” of SCF solutions. Hence SCF deserves a “second look” and CRX Markets aims at driving the change with its comprehensive product suite. World Supply Chain Finance Report 2018 – Why today supply chain finance deserves a second look.

Lebensmittel Zeitung
February 2, 2018

Nestlé strengthens its Supply Chain with CRX Markets – Lebensmittelzeitung takes a closer look at how the world’s leading nutrition, health and wellness company has experienced measurable success with CRX’s global digital marketplace covering the entire Supply Chain. The article is only available in German. Lebensmittel Zeitung: Nestlé strengthens its Supply Chain with CRX Markets

November 8, 2017

Starting in 2018 Ex-Covestro CFO Frank H. Lutz will become the new CEO of CRX Markets. CRX Supervisory Board Chairman Philip Holzer and Moritz von der Linden, who remains on the Board of Management, are delighted having him in the team. They assess the entry of Frank H. Lutz as a confirmation of CRX’s business model and a strong signal to CRX customers and the market. The article is only available in German. CRX Press – Ex-Covestro CFO Frank Lutz wird Chef von Fintech.

November 7, 2017

CRX Markets was able to win Frank H. Lutz as its new CEO. Before, Frank H. Lutz was CFO of MAN and Covestro. Moritz von der Linden will stay as a member of the Executive Board and wants to dedicate himself to the further growth of the company. The article is only available in German. CRX Press – Börsen-Zeitung – Frank Lutz ist neuer CEO von CRX Markets

CRX Markets – Press Release
November 7, 2017

Frank H. Lutz will join the fintech pioneer CRX Markets from MDAX listed Covestro AG, where he served as Chief Financial Officer. He will replace Moritz von der Linden as CEO and be responsible for strategy, corporate markets, finance, HR and risk management. Moritz von der Linden, founder of CRX, and Alexei Zabudkin will remain in the management board. CRX Press – CRX Markets Expands Its Leadership Team

Industrie Magazin
October 31, 2017

This article presents various B2B FinTechs, including CRX Markets AG. In an exclusive interview, our Head of Corporate Markets, Michael Piel, provides further insights. The article is only available in German. Fintechs: Kreditanstalt 4.0. “Die digitalen Herausforderer der großen Bankhäuser entdecken gerade Unternehmen als Kunden. Was Fintechs Industrieunternehmen bieten.”

FT Asset Management
May 1, 2017

Ulrich Buchholtz reports on how the period of low interest rates forces institutional investors to reconsider their investment strategies. The article explains among other topics, how CRX creates new investment opportunities for short-term investments. Overall, CRX provides institutional investors an alternative to classic money market products. The article is only available in German. Auf der Suche nach neuen Erträgen

Süddeutsche Zeitung
March 22, 2017

If you are interested to find out why CRX Markets and Munich are such a good fit, you will find your answer in this company feature. You can also learn more about what we do and where the journey will head to next. The article is only available in German. Süddeutsche Zeitung – CRX stellt die Lieferantenfinanzierung auf den Kopf

Börsen Zeitung
January 4, 2017

The Börsen Zeitung takes a closer look at the solution offering of CRX Markets and their innovative approach to short-term corporate finance. Through the bundling and securitization of approved payables succeeds CRX in attracting not only traditional financiers such as banks but also a new investor class, such as Asset Managers. Alongside other well-known corporates, CRX successfully won Nestlé as their last client. The article is only available in German. Börsen Zeitung – Wir bieten ein klassisches Money-Market-Produkt

December 1, 2016

Michael Piel, Head of Corporate Markets, looks at how corporates with a focus on working capital optimization can benefit from smart concepts such as the CRX SCF solutions that apply transparency, competition and flexibility for all parties involved. He labels this the next generation of Supplier finance. The article is only available in German. Nächste Generation der Lieferantenfinanzierung

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
November 29, 2016

A profile of CRX Markets after the successful launch of the Nestlé program. The FAZ takes a closer look at the origins of the company and its link to 360T, the founders team including Moritz von der Linden and Carlo Kölzer and the imminent next steps. If you want to get a great overview of CRX Markets and our SCF offering, then look no further. The article is only available in German. – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung – Unternehmensfinanzierung per Auktion

CRX Markets – Press Release
November 23, 2016

CRX Markets boosted by Nestlé client win. SCF platform wins mandate for global supplier financing program form world’s leading nutrition health and wellness company. Press Release – Nestlé selects CRX as global supplier financing provider

November 18, 2016

CRX Markets won the FinTech Germany Award in the category “late-stage”. Frankfurt has started it’s “Tech Quartier” as central hub for innovative companies. The FinTech award ceremony is supposed to accelerate the development of young startups. Börsen-Zeitung – FinTech Award to reward entrepreneurial spirit

Das Handelsblatt
November 3, 2016

Frankfurt’s Fintech Angels. Berlin gets all the tech startup headlines, but its Germany’s financial center of Frankfurt where many of the big fintech deals are made. Portrait of our Funders Moritz von der Linden together with Carlo Kölzer about the success of 360T and the opportunities for CRX Markets to achieve equal or even greater success in the Supply Chain Finance space. Handelsblatt – Frankfurt’s Fintech Angels

August 26, 2016

Moritz von der Linden, founder of the SCF provider CRX Markets, discusses the current development of the Aproved Payables Finance market, the low interest level, and the existing client programs. The article is only available in German. WirtschaftsWoche – Interview mit Moritz von der Linden über CRX Markets

August 25, 2016

DerTreasurer asked Alexei Zabudking, Head of Capital Markets at CRX Markets, for an interview to find out more about the possibility for corporate treasurers to act as investors on the CRX Multi-Investor APF program. Here, they are able to purchase securitized bundles of approved trade payables issued against a single obligor risk at highly attractive yields. The article is only available in German. DerTreasurer – Neues Geldmarktprodukt – Interview mit Alexei Zabudkin

May 6, 2016

Alexei Zabudkin, Head of Capital Markets at CRX Markets, discusses the possible investment alternatives that institutional investors can access when participating on the CRX SCF platform. Here, investors can earn highly attractive returns by investing in short-term money-market products. The article is only available in German. Börsen-Zeitung – CRX offers highly attractive short-term investment alternatives

CRX Markets – Press Release
March 8, 2016

Vattenfall launches Supply Chain Finance together with CRX Markets and Helaba. CRX has been able to provide one of Europe’s leading energy companies with a highly innovative and fully automated Multi-Bank APF program. Press Release – Vattenfall Launch

CRX Markets – Press Release
February 15, 2016

CRX is strengthening their management team with the announcement of Sören Kampmann as the new Head of Legal. The press release is only available in German. Press Release – CRX verstärkt das Team mit Head of Legal

October 21, 2015

Quick update from Handelsblatt regarding the Lufthansa project, highlighting once again the successful Going-Live trade and the next steps. The article is only available in German. Handelsblatt – Profilupdate von CRX Markets, Lufthansa SCF program und nächsten Schritte

EFL Quarterly Editorial
October 19, 2015

Question about FinTechs. In light of the increasing regulatory requirements, high competition and eroding margins the question remains: Will the banking industry be able to keep pace with the innovative capacity of FinTechs? EFL Quarterly Editorial – Will the banking industry keep pace with FinTechs?

CRX Markets – Press Release
October 19, 2015

Supply Chain Finance platform CRX Markets reaches important keystones. These include the Going-Live with first Lufthansa trade, capital increase and key team additions to boost the growth and keep up the momentum. The article is only available in German. Press Release – CRX Update zu Lufthansa, Team und Kapitalerhöhung

August 20, 2015

DerTreasurer returns to CRX Markets after the announcement of the successful acquisition of Lufthansa Group for their global SCF solution. They also touch down on the fact that CRX has acquired the regulatory approval of BaFin in order to uphold the highest technical and processual standards. The article is only available in German. DerTreasurer – CRX startet mit Lufthansa

Portfolio Institutionell
August 15, 2015

While taking a professional look at alternative investment strategies, this article also identifies the short-term CRX Bearer Bonds as a valuable and highly attractive investment alternative and highlights the benefits of Approved Payables Financing vs Classical Factoring. The article is only available in German. Portfolio Institutionell – Kredit von der Pensionskasse

CRX Markets – Press Release
August 4, 2015

CRX Markets takes off with Lufthansa Group. SCF provider CRX wins largest European airline for their Multi-Investor APF solution. Press Release – CRX startet SCF mit Lufthansa

June 10, 2015

When the magazine WirtschaftsWoche took a closer look at alternative funding solutions in the B2B market, they also came across the payables financing solutions offered via the bank-independent CRX marketplace.The article is only available in German. WirtschaftsWoche – Terrain für Fremdgänger

Die Zeit
May 13, 2015

Die Zeit is taking a closer look at different FinTechs entering the markets and putting traditional service providers, such as Banks and Factorers, under pressure. One of these new and innovative companies is the SCF marketplace provider CRX Markets AG. The article is only available in German. Die Zeit – App statt Bank

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
March 3, 2015

The FAZ looks at the company and its founding team, Carlo Kölzer and Moritz von der Linden, and describes both the motivation and the expectations of the founders and their new project. The article is only available in German. FAZ – Kurzfristige Geldanlage geht auch anders

February 5, 2015

The Börsen Zeitung investigates the Multi-Investor Approved Payables Finance (APF) solution and describes its securitization process of approved invoice bundles that are then offered to Bank and Non-Bank investors in live, transparent and anonymous auctions. The article is only available in German. Börsen-Zeitung – CRX Verbriefungslösung über Multi-Investor APF Lösung

December 15, 2014

The Handelsblatt takes a first look at CRX Markets, our founder Moritz von der Linden, and the vision to offer smart and technologically innovative Supply Chain Finance solutions to Suppliers and Buyers alike. The article is only available in German. Handelsblatt – Fokus auf CRX Markets und deren SCF Lösungen

Supply Chain Finance with CRX Markets AG
August 7, 2014

Der Treasurer discovers CRX Markets as a valuable solution for any company searching for smart and efficient Supply Chain Finance (SCF) solutions and introduces the CRX solutions in a short profile. The article is only available in German. DerTreasurer – Einführung CRX Markets und seine SCF Lösungsansätze

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