Asset-Based Financing

CRX Markets is an independent marketplace for Asset-Based Financing solutions

The marketplace provides access to flexible working capital financing through multiple solutions and ensures a transparent pricing determination at significantly reduced rates.

Each solution can be used stand-alone or a Buyer has the possibility to combine the solutions, customized to his individual situation and needs through one independent, global and scalable technical infrastructure.

One of the core capabilities is the developing, operating and refining of the technical infrastructure for working capital finance with a strong yet easy to implement integration into the ERP systems of the clients.

Payables Finance

Payables Finance – also referred to as “Approved Payables Finance (APF)” – is an instrument for invoice-based financing of Buyer approved Supplier trade receivables along the value chain.

Three solutions build the core of the financing offering. Dynamic Discounting, Multi-Bank and Multi Investor Approved Payable Financing. The Buyer’s Purchase-to-Pay process is not affected at all due to a straight-through ERP integration.

Receivables Finance

Receivables Finance is an instrument for invoice-based financing of Supplier trade receivables along the value chain. Two solutions build the core of the financing offering – Receivables Purchase and Receivables Securitization.
The Seller’s Order-to-Collect (O2C) process is not affected at all due to a straight-through ERP integration while providing all connected Banks and Investors (Purchaser) with full access to historical credit and risk data of the underlying assets.

ERP Integration

One of the core capabilities of the CRX solution offering is the full and seamless integration into the client’s ERP systems. The integration is ERP tool independent. The CRX ERP Add-On offers our clients the possibility to automatize the information exchange between the CRX application and their ERP system in real time. The integration covers the most important process steps including:

  • Selection, onboarding and mapping of program participants
  • Definition and execution of automatic invoice uploads and status updates based on saved invoice selection criteria
  • Transfer of status information on invoice level based on automatic status update requests
  • Automatically updating of invoice information based on specific process triggers
  • Full automation on accounting and reconciliation processes
  • Full control and accountability for each transaction due to record keeping and application log

Data / Process Security

The CRX product offering is in-house developed and covers the SCF solutions offered by CRX Markets to its customers. As a BaFin (Federal Financial Supervisory Authority, Germany) regulated company CRX has to uphold the regulatory requirements at all times. This includes, but is not limited to, the commitment to comply with the fundamental principles of doing business in a regulated environment, as well as ensuring that CRX is well positioned within new regulatory structures to continue to meet the evolving needs of our clients. Additionally, both the handling of sensitive and personal data as well as ensuring stringent development processes are based on highly regulated and constantly controlled process steps. The CRX solution runs on ISO 27001 certified servers located in Germany.

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