Get ready to improve your Working Capital

The CRX solution requires minimal setup and integration effort, offering an automated and easy Supplier onboarding process.

With the participation in a SCF Program, Suppliers are offered exclusive privileges and their relationship to the Buyer is strengthened considerably. Beside these qualitative aspects, Suppliers can also achieve financial advantages when they participate in a SCF program.


Attractive Financing

Very attractive financing rates based on the Buyer’s strong credit rating without any additional fees or costs like participation or credit insurance fee.

Working Capital Improvement

Receive immediate payments after invoice approval and improve Working Capital and cash flow by converting your accounts receivable into cash, without recourse, so there won’t be additional debt on your balance sheet.

One Global Infrastructure

All Suppliers will benefit from one global infrastructure irrespective of the location of the Buyer entity you deliver to as the CRX Portal supports all major currencies with only one contract to sign.


You have full flexibility to determine when and if receivables should be financed with no obligation to sell receivables.


Real-time status information of your invoices. Track financing activities, discount costs and reports on the CRX Portal.

Diversification of Funding

Risk and funding diversification is guaranteed through a number of Banks and Investors – at the same time the usage of existing credit lines can be reduced as the CRX Portal is independent from any single bank or financing provider.

Same Contract as of Today

The invoice issuing process and contractual arrangements with the Buyer remain with no change of the existing proprietary enterprise processes.

ERP Add-on (optional)

The CRX ERP Add-On tool offers our clients with the possibility to automatize the information exchange between the CRX application and the ERP system in real time.

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