Reverse Factoring Light

CRX Markets offers new product ‘Reverse Factoring Light’.
The best of two worlds.

July 2021

Tier-1 supply chain finance suite

In contrast to banks and most financial service platforms, the CRX marketplace offers not only a complete range of financing models to implement a tailor-made supply chain finance offering based upon approved payables. Corporate clients can freely combine our different supply chain finance solutions according to their individual financial objectives, special jurisdictional requirements or even regulatory restrictions – a true multi-product offering. It is flexible and scalable in any aspect and designed for a seamless integration into existing purchase-to-pay processes.

One size doesn´t fit all

Endless functionality, nearly unlimited scalability, and full process automation – it requires a very thoroughly designed integration of the ERP systems of our corporate clients to manage the reasonable complexity. But what if a corporate client does not require all the flexibility, because he is just committed to a reverse factoring offer for his suppliers? If he is targeting only a limited number of suppliers or must not process thousands of invoices weekly? If he wishes to quickly implement a proof of concept before scaling a supply chain finance program? In such situations one size probably doesn´t fit all.

Reverse factoring light – reduced complexity and fast lane integration

Our new payables light offering is exclusively focused on reverse factoring. It consequently avoids any complexity which results from multi-product optionality. In a straightforward reverse factoring implementation with a limited number of banks it allows to reduce the technical integration of a corporate buying entity to the absolute minimum – the upload of approved invoices to the CRX marketplace. Here we offer different ERP agnostic options to integrate – if requested even a simple Excel spreadsheet would be sufficient. This allows a fast integration and doesn´t require neither significant IT capacity nor integration budget. The CRX marketplace delivers the full process transparency and reporting functionalities which allow an efficient management of all reverse factoring related business processes.

The best of two worlds

The CRX Markets’ reverse factoring light offer grants access to the best of two worlds: the slim integration approach accelerates the project at a decisive point and reduces any initial effort to a minimum. This keeps the investment risk low and is ideally suited for a proof of concept. On the other hand, the CRX marketplace gives access to the broadest pool of funding partners being available in the market. The separation of infrastructure from financing grants strategic flexibility for corporate clients, who wish to reduce bank dependencies or being interested in new partnerships.

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