Solutions for corporates and financing partners

Welcome to the CRX Marketplace

CRX Markets is Europe’s leading marketplace for working capital financing. On our marketplace we bring together corporates and financing partners. We’ve created a platform where corporates can effectively optimize their cash flow and financing partners can invest their money with attractive returns. A win-win for all marketplace participants.

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Optimization of cash flow

Solutions for corporates

The CRX marketplace provides you with innovative supply chain finance solutions to optimize your cash flow – either with your own funds or via debt capital. Current offerings include dynamic discounting, reverse factoring and factoring.

For our debt-driven solutions, we coordinate an extensive pool of financing partners to ensure liquidity remains available.

Offer your suppliers early liquidity

Our reverse factoring solution, also known as supply chain finance, is offered through our marketplace. You can pay your suppliers via a financing partner to provide liquidity earlier than the agreed payment terms.

Reverse factoring

Reduce your invoice amount

On the CRX marketplace you can use our dynamic discounting solution, where you can settle your supplier liabilities on the basis of agreed discounts before the payment term. In this way you reduce your own invoice amount and provide your suppliers with liquidity earlier.

Dynamic discounting

Increase your liquidity and minimize default risk

Our factoring solution is available on the CRX marketplace. Sell your outstanding receivables from customers to a financing partner without recourse. With this solution, you can increase your own liquidity and minimize your exposure to customer default risk.


Securing attractive returns

Solutions for financing partners

Profit from our banking network

In the multi-bank solution, banks purchase receivables – confirmed by the buyer – directly from suppliers.

Multi-bank solution

Expand your liquidity pool with our institutional investors

In the multi-investor solution, banks and institutional investors purchase confirmed claims in the form of a security.

Multi-investor solution

Use factoring companies as financing partners

In the factoring solution, banks and factoring companies purchase open receivables from customers without recourse.

Factoring solution

Your benefits at a glance

Our innovative solutions enable you to optimize cash flow – either with your own funds or external capital. Your advantages are extensive.

Access to a vibrant marketplace with engaged corporates and financing partners

Flexible range of solutions that allows for an individual and modular program design

Seamless integration of the CRX marketplace with the ERP systems of corporates

Complete processes digitization facilitates smooth working capital financing

Transparent access to funding parameters for corporates and financing partners

Partnership with a regulated company as a reliable operator of an independent marketplace

The CRX Marketplace

How it works


Onboarding of the company to the CRX marketplace


Selection of the working capital finance solutions


Selection of financing partners


Onboarding of trade partners


Upload of assets and liabilities


Execution of financing


Confirmation and reconciliation between financing parties

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