Dynamic discounting

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On the CRX marketplace you can operate dynamic discounting, a solution in the field of payables finance.

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Dynamic discounting

Dynamic discounting is a financing solution in which you pay your supplier liabilities on the basis of agreed discounts before the original payment term. This way, you can provide your supplier with liquidity and financial agility earlier. And you benefit from a discount income while effectively using your surplus cash.

CRX Markets supports two different models: the buyer-centric and the supplier-centric model. For both models, you can benefit from analytic tools that assist you in optimizing the deployed liquidity.


In the buyer-centric model, the buyer specifies an annualized discount rate for individual suppliers or supplier groups, which are fully transparent to the suppliers on the CRX marketplace. The suppliers can execute the early payment of their invoice for this discount. Condition and limit management is managed by the buyer. The buyer can assign new suppliers directly to groups and thus to the predefined financing conditions.


In the supplier-centric model, the suppliers are able to submit a quote of their desired annual discount rate. The buyer can accepted or rejected the quote depending on their expected return. The buyer’s return expectations can be adjusted at any time and optionally made visible to the supplier. The liquidity made available is determined exclusively by the buyer.

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Your benefits at a glance

Increase in profitability

With dynamic discounting you can generate considerable additional revenues. By paying an invoice before it is due, you benefit from a discount offered by the supplier. This has a positive effect on your balance sheet and increases your operating profitability.

Avoidance of negative interest rates

In the event of liquidity surpluses, dynamic discounting allows you to reduce your cash holdings by paying supplier invoices early. This protects you from negative interest on your cash assets.

Strengthening of supplier relationships

With dynamic discounting you can provide your suppliers with liquidity even before the agreed due date of the invoice. The supply chain is strengthened effectively and the relationship between buyer and supplier is improved.

Uncomplicated implementation

Dynamic discounting can be easily rolled-out within your existing supplier terms with minimal technical effort. Without renegotiations of existing contracts or changes to the invoicing process, your supplier can offer dynamic discounts, allowing you to pay the invoice early.

Dynamic Discounting

How it works?


Supplier delivers ordered goods to customer and issues invoices


Customer approves invoices and uploads them to the CRX marketplace


Supplier selects invoices for early payment


Customer pays supplier before the due date of invoices with its own surplus liquidity at a discount

Clients who trust us

"The CRX platform provides a unified approach towards our suppliers and is ideally suited for strengthening our partnerships with our suppliers. Furthermore, it allows us to keep working with our relationship banks while enhancing liquidity and transparency. "

Lee Edwards | Group Treasurer, Nestlé

"We perceive supply chain finance as a crucial tool for strengthening our long-term partnership with suppliers. CRX Markets stands for a highly innovative approach very different from existing solutions offered by banks, not least because it allows for the option of bank-independent financing."

Anja Stranz | Former Head of Cash Management, Vattenfall

"With the reverse factoring solution from CRX Markets, we have successfully established another important component on the payables side for working capital optimization and strengthening our internal financing power. Thanks to the high degree of technical integration (ERP connection) and the bank-independent approach, CRX's supplier financing solution offers the ideal framework for rolling out the program across national and international SAP company codes and taking into account our global sourcing approach."

Johannes Helfrich | Treasury Manager, Doehler Group SE

"The CRX Markets support team provides an amazing experience explaining all functionalities and financing options with the top highest efficiency and professionalism. Not forgetting to mention that, onboarding process and early payment work very fast, delivering a really valued service to the customers."

Tiago Magioni Aouila | Trading Department, Tristão (Supplier of Nestlé)

A marketplace with deep liquidity

As a bank or investor, the CRX marketplace offers you various options for investing in working capital financing solutions. You can purchase receivables from corporates at attractive returns.

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