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Benefit from our global marketplace for working capital financing

As a bank or investor, the CRX marketplace offers you various options to participate in working capital financing programs. The marketplace allows you to acquire receivables from corporates at attractive returns.

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Working capital financing

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The CRX marketplace allows you to participate in various working capital finance programs as a financing partner. After technical onboarding, various program types are available to you on our marketplace:


In the multi-bank solution, banks purchase receivables confirmed by the buyer directly from suppliers. The banks provide competitive financing conditions and can also be mandated exclusively for individual jurisdictions, currencies, or supplier groups. The banks manage conditions and limits as well as the daily financing transactions directly on the CRX platform.


In the multi-investor solution, banks and institutional investors purchase confirmed receivables in the form of a security. For refinancing, the supplier liabilities of an individual buyer are securitized via a Luxembourg special purpose vehicle (SPV). The securities are placed by means of open auctions, for which long-term standing orders or live bids can be placed.


In the factoring solution, banks and factoring companies purchase outstanding trade receivables from customers on a non-recourse basis. Funds of institutional investors specializing in the acquisition of receivables can also participate in this solution as financing partners. Individual receivables or a portfolio of receivables can be acquired in form of a silent cession.

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Solutions for banks, investors, and factoring companies

Our products for you as a financing partner

For banks

Support your corporate customers with working capital financing

On the CRX marketplace you have the opportunity to expand existing customer relationships and develop new customers. by financing their receivables.

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For investors

Gain access to an alternative asset class

As an investor on the CRX marketplace, you have the opportunity to achieve attractive returns by financing trade receivables.

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For factoring companies

Expand your customer base through a new sales channel

On the CRX marketplace, you have the opportunity to expand your existing customer relationships and enter into new ones by financing their receivables.

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Your benefits at a glance

Benefit from the CRX marketplace

Expansion of the customer base

With CRX Markets, you can break new ground in the digitalization of trade finance without much effort on your side. We support you in the development of your program, as well as the technical onboarding and financing. Through your activities on the CRX Marketplace you can support your existing customers while acquire new ones.

Cooperation with the market leader

Thanks to a large number of attractive corporate customers, a financially strong liquidity pool and our mature platform, we have developed into Europe’s leading marketplace for working capital financing. With us you not only trust in the market leader, but also have a long-term partner at your side.

Access to analyses and reports

CRX Markets provides you with analyses and reports tailored to your needs. Our digital reports enable you to monitor and optimally evaluate your financing activities.


On the CRX marketplace you benefit from a user-friendly and transparent trade management system that clearly displays your funding history. All financing operations can be processed in a user-friendly and simple manner. einfach abgewickelt werden.

Attractive returns

By financing working capital via the CRX marketplace you can generate attractive returns. Compared to comparable money market instruments, supply chain financing offers superior returns.


Our standardized contracts and processes allow you to participate in our various working capital financing programs without much effort.

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