Solutions for suppliers

Optimize your working capital

The CRX marketplace offers you as a supplier numerous attractive solutions to optimize your working capital.

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Solutions for suppliers

Optimize your liquidity

The importance of a sustainable and healthy supply chain is increasing. Working capital financing solutions can be used effectively to ensure production reliability.

Multi-product approach

The CRX marketplace offers various solutions for working capital financing. The CRX solutions can be implemented globally. They can be used either independently or in combination.


The digital CRX marketplace offers you 24/7 access to all relevant data and information concerning your working capital financing.


The CRX marketplace allows you to actively manage your cash needs via a variety of solutions, independently and without contractual restrictions.

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Solutions on the CRX marketplace

Our products for you as a supplier


Optimize your risk and liquidity position

On the CRX marketplace you can sell your outstanding receivables from customers to selected financing partners within your own program without recourse. Sell selected receivables or a revolving customer portfolio to selected banks or factoring companies.

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Reverse factoring

Participate in the supply chain finance program of your buyer

On the CRX marketplace, your buyer can finance your receivables through financing partner at reasonable funding costs before the expiry of the specified payment term. Actively approach your buyer about our solutions or let him invite you to participate in the SCF program by CRX Markets.

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Dynamic discounting

Grant your customers a discount and receive liquidity

On the CRX marketplace you can have your receivables paid early by your buyer by offering him a discount. Actively approach your buyers about our solutions or let them invite you to participate in Dynamic Discounting by CRX Markets.

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Customer portfolio from CRX Markets

Clients who trust us

We are proud of our customers. We would like to give you an insight how we have helped our customers. Based on the acquired experience we will develop a program tailored to your needs. Talk to us!


The world’s largest food and beverage company relies on CRX Markets and established a comprehensive working capital program

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Swedish based European energy company successfully uses the CRX marketplace to finance supplier receivables

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