One user access to interact with CRX Markets

January 2023

CRX Markets enables users to fully interact with the CRX Marketplace with just one user account

In spring 2023, CRX Markets will be a big step closer to its vision of an intuitive one-stop shop or one portal. After this change, a single user access per individual will be sufficient for the entire interaction with the CRX Marketplace and the operation for processing one’s own financial transactions will be even more convenient and intuitive.

This merging of different user accesses will benefit a corporate users if they

  • manage different supplier companies that participate in early payment programs, and/or
  • handle multiple early payment programs through the CRX Marketplace, and/or
  • process multiple receivables programs through the CRX Marketplace.

A user of financing partners such as banks, institutional investors or factoring companies benefit if they also serve as a

  • bank in one or more payables multi-bank programs, and/or
  • investor in one or more payables multi-investor programs, and/or
  • purchaser in one or more receivables programs.

After the change to only one user access per user, most of the existing user interfaces will remain. Those who interact with the CRX Marketplace today in only one function, will only see a few changes. However, users who have different user accesses in operation to date will be contacted to consolidate these user accesses.

Here’s how it works after the consolidation is completed:

(1) After user login, the user first selects the context (program, entity, etc.) in which they want to work with the CRX Marketplace. A change is possible at any time without having to log in again.

(2) The menu on the left side builds up. The view is unchanged.

(3) The selected context (program, entity, etc.) appears below the username. Clicking on the selected context takes the user back to the context selection screen, which they already know from the login.

(4) The navigation menu at the top of the page always remains unchanged. For administrators, for example, user management is available here.

Administrators can grant users access to different contexts, each with individual user rights.

Merging different user accesses is the first step to further improve our clients’ user experience when interacting with the CRX Marketplace. In Q1 2023, we will also roll out single sign-on support for our marketplace with our clients’ in-house user management. The client can then independently manage the access to all CRX Markets solutions and applications with one user.

Webinar: One Portal – Using one user access for several business units and across multiple CRX products

To make the transition even easier for you, a webinar on one user access will be held in early February. If you would like to attend, you can pre-register now by filling out the contact form on the right. We will then inform you about the exact dates.

The content of the webinar will include:

  • Introduction and demo of the CRX One Portal access
  • Initial setup and changes to the current CRX Portal usage
  • Q&A session

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